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Meet Student Architectural Intern, Danny Leon

On November 6th, we welcomed Danny Leon, Student Architectural Intern, to our team of design professionals.

Danny, from Kansas City, Missouri, is currently a third-year student at Drury University's Hammons School of Architecture. He is pursuing a Master of Architecture. This spring, Danny will have the opportunity to study abroad in Paris, France. Some of Danny's favorite things to do include playing and coaching soccer.

Let's get to know Danny...

Who or what inspired you to pursue architecture?

"My father, who is a contractor and the owner of a construction company, throughout my childhood I was exposed to the industry. While I enjoyed the hands-on experience of working in construction, I discovered a greater interest in the role of designing projects. My time in the construction field has been an inspiration for my decision to pursue a career as an architect."

What is your favorite piece of architecture?

"My favorite piece of architecture is the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence."

What's your favorite class that you've taken at Drury so far and why?

"My favorite class that I've taken at Drury is History of Architecture. It was interesting to learn about historical figures that had an impact on architecture."

Where is your favorite place to eat here in Springfield, MO?

"My favorite place to eat in Springfield is a little taco shop called El Gordo."

How do you spend your time outside of work and school?

"In my free time, I like to stay active by going to the gym or playing soccer."

What are you most looking forward to for your trip in Paris?

"On my trip to Paris, I am mostly looking forward to traveling to Barcelona to watch their professional soccer team play."

Favorite music genre or song?

"My favorite genre of music is Reggaeton."

What made you decide to coach soccer?

"As a young athlete, I was surrounded by great coaches that dedicated their time to give me the best advice. I am very grateful for that, so I decided to become a coach to give back the advice that I received."

What are you most excited about in taking this position?

"What I am most excited about in taking this position is learning more about architecture and being a part of a professional team."


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