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BRP Welcomes Architectural Intern: Taylor Greene

On June 1st, we welcomed Taylor Greene, Architectural Intern, to our team.

Taylor, from Table Rock, Missouri, graduated from Drury University in May 2023 with a Masters in Architecture, a Minor in Graphic and Digital Design, a Minor in Fine Arts, and a Certificate in Solving Environmental Problems. While a student, she was involved in Drury’s American Institute of Architecture Students Organization. Taylor currently spends her free time writing a novel that incorporates architectural themes.

Let’s get to know Taylor better…

Why did you choose architecture?

“I enjoy the process of organization and problem solving, and I’ve loved drawing things since I was a child. I was able to connect the two with architecture.”

What is your dream architecture project?

“I know my dream project would be something massive, because I like having the most things to play around with. Maybe a community plan or a theme park.”

What is your favorite holiday to celebrate?

“Christmas, I was born on the 24th so it is basically like a second birthday for me.”

Where do you find design inspiration?

“My design inspiration comes from an eclectic combination of personal tastes I suppose. While I do love logic and process of problem solving, I also believe in leaving room for the artistic experience with the built environment.”

What is your favorite thing to do in Springfield, MO?

“Spending time in the downtown area. I also enjoy visiting the Battlefield Mall.”

What was your favorite class you took/project you worked on in school?

“I really enjoyed the virtual reality elective that I took over the summer before my senior year. We got to design stories based off of prompts given to us by teens and children who couldn’t leave their hospital rooms. We were supposed to turn their ideas into virtual reality stories, and I had to script and create this whole environment for it.”

Tell me about your dream vacation destination.

“Probably Ireland. I tried to do a study abroad trip there, but it was cancelled due to Covid-19.”

What are you most excited about in taking this position with BRP?

“I’m excited to get to train in my profession, and eventually build up enough knowledge to become a licensed architect.”


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