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BRP Welcomes New Marketing Coordinator: Morgan Mateja

On July 5th, we welcomed Morgan Mateja, Marketing Coordinator, to our team here at BRP Architects.

Morgan, from Sedalia, Missouri, graduated from Missouri State University’s College of Business in May 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing: Advertising and Promotion. While a student, Morgan studied abroad through Missouri State’s College of Business, visiting various cultures and businesses across Europe, the most prominent being, London, England; Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. In her free time, Morgan enjoys reading, spending time with her dogs, and attending country music concerts.

Let’s get to know Morgan better…

How did you know you wanted to pursue a career in marketing?

“I didn’t at first, but I’ve always had a creative side, so I decided to take a leap of faith with marketing and immediately fell in love with every aspect of it. Marketing is constantly evolving and growing as a field and a technique so not only does it give me the opportunity to express my creative side, but it also challenges me daily, helping me to continue to grow as a marketer and a person too.“

You mentioned you visited four countries during your study abroad trip, which was your favorite?

“Brussels, Belgium! We were only in Brussels for a day, but I would love to go back some day and explore the country more. It was a beautiful, quaint town and their waffles and chocolate definitely live up to the hype!”

What is your favorite place to eat at in Springfield, MO?

“Black Sheep! My go to order is their Ugly Cheeseburger and Parmesan Fries.”

What is your favorite book series?

“My favorite book series is probably Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass.”

What is the best concert you’ve ever attended/you’re most excited to attend?

“I am going to Rock the South, a country music festival, at the end of July in Alabama that I am really excited about. Chris Stapleton, Zach Bryan, Riley Green, and many more will be performing at it!”

Why did you choose to work with BRP?

“BRP expressed from the beginning that they were a family and after interviewing with them I could very clearly feel how much they cared about their staff, clients, and community. I knew working with them would be a fun yet challenging experience that would give me ample opportunities to grow with the company and as an individual.”


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