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BRP Welcomes Architectural Intern: Samantha Hite

On June 1st, we welcomed Samantha Hite, Architectural Intern, to our team.

Samantha, from Nixa, Missouri, graduated from Kansas State University’s College of Architecture Planning & Design in May 2023 with a Masters in Architecture. While a student, Samantha studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy during the Spring semester of her 4th year. She was also involved on her college campus as a Resident’s Assistant for the dorms her Sophomore and Junior years. Samantha is very excited to enter the workforce as a young designer and extend her knowledge and passion of sustainability and concern for people in the design field.

Let’s get to know more about Samantha…

What inspired you to pursue architecture?

“Architecture is a super time consuming and sometimes taxing major/career. However, I have always been someone who is very aware of the spaces I exist in, as well as trying to determine ways to make them better not only for myself, but for the people around me. My main motivator was my mom; she saw a drawing of mine one day and suggested I pursue Architecture.”

It’s the middle of summer, what is your favorite summer activity?

“Every weekend you can find me down at Table Rock Lake – I spend a lot of time with my family on the water!”

What was your favorite class you took at Kansas State University’s College of Architecture Planning & Design?

“My favorite class I took was a seminar during my Grad year – we studied and worked with Hempcrete to build a traveling structure that showcased the capabilities of this material to the national building community!”

What is your favorite food/place to eat?

“Without a doubt my favorite meal has to be my dad’s chicken wings. They are a bone-in wing cooked on the green egg, seasoned with just about everything, then drowned in butter-cut crystal hot sauce, put back on the grill, and finally enjoyed!”

What is your favorite movie?

“I think my favorite movie series would have to be How to Train Your Dragon. This movie was so pivotal to younger me; it instilled a new imagination and really helped me view the magic and the wonder of the world around me.”

What is your favorite thing about Springfield, MO?

“One thing I love about Springfield is how there are options for every kind of person here. Being as I am an introvert, there are even things I can go and do that keep me involved in this community!”

What is your favorite piece of architecture?

“I am a huge history buff, so studying abroad in such ancient cities had me thrilled! I love ancient and historical architecture, and don’t care about the time or place! Italy has such a blend of typologies, that I really got to experience so many life stories there!”

What are you most excited about in taking this position with BRP?

“I think I am most excited to actually get real world practice with practicing designers. Everyone here at BRP is super passionate about their work, as well as their community! I am glad that I am in a place that cherishes their impact, but also the success of their employees!”


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