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Inside Legacy Bank’s New Headquarters

Legacy Bank and Trust worked alongside BRP Architects and interior design and furniture procurement company, Grooms Office Environments, to design their new headquarters at a prominent location in Springfield, on 3250 East Sunshine Street right off U.S. Route 65. The 2.5-acre property that was once a Meek’s Lumber, is now occupied by a 40,000 square-foot facility that became home for the bank since its grand opening in August of 2021.

The four-story high headquarters has a simple but striking geometric form that is emphasized but careful articulation of details – the facade is composed of dark cement fiber and lots of glass, allowing for an abundance of natural light and panoramic views. On the first floor, the building has 1,600 square-foot dedicated to retail banking with a drive-thru along with 4,500 square-foot of customer centered workspace and amenities. The remaining three floors (approximately 30,000 square-foot) consist of Class A office space that house the bank’s centralized operations, executive team, and community development divisions. The building’s third floor was created to be leased out and is currently being occupied by New York Life Insurance Co. and the Kirkland Woods & Martinsen LLP law firm.

Legacy Bank and Trust Headquarters designed by BRP Architects

Legacy Bank’s headquarters has many unique features throughout the building such as a banking lounge for customers, a grand staircase, a large executive board room, a contemporary hospitality space, large executive offices, a covered outdoor balcony on the fourth floor, and a fitness center for employees.

A covered outdoor balcony on the fourth floor of Legacy Bank and Trust in Springfield, MO

This project did come with some unique challenges, however. One challenge was the site itself, being a 2-acre lot on the east side of Sunshine, BRP had to find ways to maximize the space of the lot while abiding by city and MoDOT requirements. The solution was to design a multi-story building using as much vertical space as possible to not only allow for the required parking requirements but to increase the visibility of the building by positioning it in the northeast corner of the lot. Another challenge was constructing the building during a global pandemic. During a time when COVID was causing material costs to skyrocket, BRP worked diligently with the general contractor BASE Construction Management to keep costs down.

"There were buildings coming in at $250 per square-foot, we had to use more basic building materials to stay in budget, but we still used those materials in ways that emphasized design.” George Mandrik, BRP Architect

Lastly, not only was staying on budget a priority, but also staying on schedule. By designing the interiors while the building superstructure was already being erected, the project team was able to finish the project in twelve months.

Legacy Bank and Trust Headquarters lobby designed by BRP Architects

In the end, this building fulfills Legacy’s vision for a new facility with a contemporary design that not only strengthens the visibility of Legacy Bank in the community, but also improves the work environment for their staff for years to come.

"The Board of Directors and management team of Legacy Bank and Trust are thrilled that we selected BRP to design our new headquarters. The scope of this project was far beyond anything that we had done in the past and BRP guided us through the entire project. BRP listened to elements that we wanted and gave us ideas that we had never considered, and it came together seamlessly. The facility came in on-budget and is truly one of the finest buildings in Springfield. This has given us a tremendous advantage to attract and retain customers and employees alike. We are grateful for the entire team at BRP and look forward to working with them again in the future.” John Everett, Legacy Bank Chief Executive Officer

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