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Grand Opening: Delta Hotel & Convention Center by Marriott in Wichita Falls, TX

Marriott’s Delta Hotel + Convention Center in Wichita Falls, Texas celebrated it’s grand opening on Thursday, October 26, 2023. This event marked a significant milestone for the city, as it held two ribbon-cutting ceremonies – one for the city and another for the Gold Coast Ambassadors. With an impressive array of amenities and a convention center to boot, this new addition to the city is set to boost tourism, provide economic opportunities, and elevate Wichita Falls as a convention destination.

The Wichita Falls Delta Hotel + Convention Center is nothing short of a traveler’s paradise. This luxurious establishment boasts a restaurant, a bar/lounge, a shimmering swimming pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Whether you’re a guest seeking relaxation, a gourmet meal, or a place to unwind with friends, this hotel has it all.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Wichita Falls Delta Hotel + Convention Center is its partnership with O’Reilly Hospitality Management to operate the Wichita Falls Convention Center/Banquet Room. This Convention center offers top-notch facilities that are ideal for hosting a wide range of events, including conventions, meetings, and banquets. This collaboration ensures seamless coordination between accommodation and event facilities, making it a one-stop destination for all your convention needs.

The arrival of this Delta Hotel + Convention Center represents a game changer for Wichita Falls’ economic landscape. The ability to host larger conventions that require a full-service hotel within close proximity to the meeting space has long been a missing piece of the puzzle for the city. This new facility fills that void and positions Wichita Falls as a competitive contender in the convention hosting arena.

According to a study conducted by CBRE Hotels, a company specializing in hotel market feasibility and econometric studies, the total estimated economic impact over a 10-year period is projected to reach a staggering $67,382,923. This eye-popping number reflects the potential of the Delta Hotel + Convention Center to stimulate the local economy by drawing in out-of-town visitors for a myriad of conventions.

The hotel’s opening not only marks a new beginning but also symbolizes the immense potential that lies ahead for its community. With its premium amenities, the added convenience of the Wichita Falls Convention Center, and the promise of a significant economic impact, the future looks bright for this Texan community. Wichita Falls has taken a giant leap forward, and the Delta Hotel + Convention Center is at the heart of this transformative journey.

The grand opening of the Delta Hotel + Convention Center in Wichita Falls, Texas is a special moment for everyone at BRP Architects. It’s always an honor to contribute to a project of such significance and witness our vision becoming a vibrant part of the community. The Delta Hotel + Convention Center is set to become a cherished destination for both business and leisure travelers alike, for years to come.

Project Team:

Architect: Gerri A. Kielhofner, AIA with production support by BRP Architects

Contractor: Clark Contractors

Interior Design: Matchline Design

Structural Engineers: J&M Engineering

MEP Engineers: CJD, LLC

Landscape Architect: Studio Green Spot, Inc.

LEED Consultant: Entegrity

Building Enclosure Consultant: Miller Engineering, P.C.


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