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Cox College Renovation

Cox College Renovation

Your Vision.

To address the nursing shortage, Cox College engaged BRP to design the renovation and expansion of the nursing school to modernize and provide a better student experience.

Our Focus.

Opening up the space between floors to improve movement and increase student-teacher interactions while creating informal gathering spaces, conference rooms, and larger classrooms. Additionally, the exterior received a new entrance that incorporates and protects legacy elements, including George Kieffer’s “Helping Hands” tile mural.

The Renovation

The renovation of Cox College, which wrapped up in May of 2020, included five floors, that are connected to Cox North Hospital. Student services are housed on the first floor, while the remaining floors house academic uses such as classrooms, study lounges, activity spaces, and group learning rooms. New student lounge areas and conference rooms are arranged on each level to encourage collaboration among faculty and students. The original interiors were comprised of tightly-packed rooms. The focus of the design was to improve the movement throughout the College, allow for easier wayfinding, encourage collaboration, and to reflect the progressive nature of nursing education.

Cox College renovation sections

The primary design move from the team was to cut a three-story opening in the building. This opening provides a central space that anchors the College, improves the movement throughout the College, and brings daylight deeper into the building, thereby improving the occupant’s experience. Gathering and study spaces were organized around this space to foster a greater sense of community. The main exterior entrance was improved to offer improved user protection at entry, an entrance that is distinguishable from the rest of the facility, and to house the iconic “Helping Hands” tile mural by George Kieffer (seen below).

Cox College before renovation
Cox College after renovation
Cox College before renovation- hallways

Before the renovation: The existing hallways lacked presence and were outdated.

Cox College after renovation

After the renovation: The new space is open, dynamic, and has an abundance of natural lighting.

Cox College before renovation- hallway ground floor

Before the renovation: Ground Floor

Cox College after renovation- grand stairs

After the renovation: The ground floor all the way to the second floor features a new grand staircase that leads you throughout the open building.

See more photos of the renovation on our Cox College Renovation project page.

Project Team:


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