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Call us BRP: New Logo, Same Quality Design

Call us BRP: New Logo, Same Quality Design

Call us BRP.

As a business that’s been around awhile (40 years to be exact), that means we’ve had to adapt and evolve over the years. Starting as a one-person practice and growing to one of the largest architecture firms in Southwest Missouri, to surviving the recession, and growing back to a mid-sized firm again, we’ve seen changes in technology, materials, the communities we serve and our own personnel.

To keep up with the times, we’re introducing a brand refresh. This will not be a new invention of the firm but a transition. “You may see transitions in leadership, possibly transitions in location and in our size.” says Tim Rosenbury, BRP Partner. Our new look reflects that.

What won’t change is how BRP does things. It will still be about great design, great client service and doing things that are architecture and architecture-related. “We will continue to put clients first, offer opportunities to emerging professionals and develop those individuals into really good architects,” Tim explains.

We’re excited and poised for the future!


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