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Amber Summers, BRP’s Latest Registered Architect

Congratulations Amber Summers on Achieving Licensure in Missouri

BRP Architects is delighted to announce that Amber Summers has achieved licensure as an Architect in the State of Missouri. This brings the firm’s total number of licensed architects to ten.

Amber received her Missouri license upon completing the required experience hours and passing the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). The ARE is a multi-division exam that assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills regarding the practice of architecture. Developed by National Council of Architecture Registration Boards (NCARB), the exam is accepted by all U.S. jurisdictions and is the ultimate step on the path to licensure.

The individual ARE examinations, which are taken separately, include:

  • Practice Management

  • Project Management

  • Programming & Analysis

  • Project Planning & Design

  • Project Development & Documentation

  • Construction & Evaluation

Amber joined BRP in 2018 after graduating with a master’s degree in architecture from Kansas State University. Since working with the firm, Amber has worked on several notable projects including, the Greenwood Laboratory School Multi-Purpose Addition, Holland House Dining Center infill, Clinton United Methodist Church, renovation and addition, Fort Worth Marriott renovation, and two event barns, one in Fort Worth, TX and one in Livingston, MT. Congratulations, Amber!

BRP specializes in architecture, planning and project management and practices locally, regionally, and nationally. The company was founded in 1978 in Springfield, Missouri.


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