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Why You’ll Love Working For BR&P

Why You'll Love Working for BR&P

Strong Local Reputation

For almost 40 years, BR&P has been partnering with area businesses to expand the Springfield community into the lively city it is today. By focusing on getting to know every client and looking at each project from all angles, we have established ourselves as an influential firm our community trusts.

Brittany & Colton - Intern Architects

Vision/ Experience

BR&P is excited to incorporate up-and-coming young professionals into our work space. Comprised of individuals with expertise in architecture, project management, planning and development, our team can’t wait to share our vast experience and know-how with new, motivated intern architects.

Nate & Gerri - Architecture Firm

Collaborative Work Environment

At BR&P, we pride ourselves on our ability to serve our clients together, as a team. Our goal is to be the standard against which others are judged for excellence, integrity, and leadership, which we believe can only be achieved through the collaboration of every individual within the firm.

Architecture plans

Design Philosophy

We believe great design is a commitment to high standards and requires balance between quality, economy, and scope. Driven by an approach that embraces trust and intimacy among team members and clients, we’ve received top rankings in hospitality and retail design, as well as completed numerous projects with LEED certification.

Projects in design and construction in 2016

Exciting Projects

Take a look at our extensive body of work and you will see the results of our influence in more and more cities all over the United States. Because we’ve completed more types of projects than the average firm, we’re driven by fresh perspectives and a sense of diversity that sets BR&P apart from the rest.

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