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Unique Conditions Make Way for Successful LEED Projects

Jordan Valley Maintenance Facility

As we gain more experience with projects designed according to the U.S. Green Building Council’s requirements for LEED certification, we thought it would be beneficial to share some unique features, challenges and client requests that we have recently encountered. The following are a variety of intended results and solutions.

Jordan Valley Maintenance Facility

(pictured above) Springfield, MO

LEED Level Sought: Silver     Status: In process

In addition to simply using efficient systems, the office location and the roof design allow for passive solar heating in the winter and shaded windows in the summer. The maintenance area was placed almost entirely below grade and only radiant heaters were provided. The site is situated on a greenway trail which encourages pedestrian access to the public functions of the facility.

Nantahala Outdoor Center at the Grove Park Inn

Asheville, NC

LEED Level Sought: Certified     Status: In process

We analyzed several lighting options that would help us achieve energy reduction for lighting, and chose the option that provided the best retail accent light we could have used. In addition, with a minor change in existing ductwork we were able to achieve zone control credits and better customer comfort.

GSA Office Building

Springfield, MO

LEED Level Sought: Silver     Status: In process

There seems to be a stigma attached to LEED Certified buildings – that they all mimic a certain aesthetic. In this case, the project had to conform to the existing development which is straightforward, yet we still designed the project to achieve a rating of LEED Silver.

Greenwood Lab School Science Scholars’ Addition

Springfield, MO

LEED Level Sought: Silver     Staus: In process

Greenwood Lab School Classroom

The client on this project wanted to incorporate the sustainable techniques and systems in a visible way. The piping and ducts are exposed in the classrooms and the color coding of the piping promotes a clear understanding of the systems throughout the building.

Nantahala Outdoor Center’s The Great Outpost

Gatlinburg, TN

LEED Level Sought: Silver     Status: Achieved

Nantahala Outdoor Center's The Great Outpost

The existing building weighed heavily into the project design and earned LEED credits. It was an ideal situation in which the existing building design and materials matched the brand of the company so that much of the building and finishes could be reused.

Watershed Center of the Ozarks

Springfield, MO

LEED Level Sought: Gold     Status: In process

Watershed Center of the Ozarks

The project was designed on an important site, one of the original drinking water supplies for the City of Springfield. Water conservation is a key category in achieving a higher LEED rating. As a continuation of our design services, we are creating educational exhibits for facility tours and educational sessions.

Looking Forward

Code jurisdictions are adopting requirements that parallel many of LEED’s criteria. Check out this link to ASHRAE 189.1 for the new Green Building Standard being adopted by many municipalities.

We provide architecture, structural engineering, planning and project management services and have four LEED Accredited Professionals well-versed in the design and process of LEED Certification. Call Bruce Adib-Yazdi, AIA, LEED AP at 417-521-6164 if you have any questions about LEED, and see how we can help with your next project!

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