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The BRP Employee Experience

At BRP Architects, we don’t just design buildings; we design experiences, not just for our clients, but also for our employees.

We believe that work is not merely a series of tasks, but a meaningful journey that shapes the lives of individuals and the community as a whole. So, we ask ourselves daily, “How can we make each day at BRP Architects feel like a fulfilling adventure for our team members?” Our path to crafting the ideal employee experience has transformed over time, especially in the face of the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our commitment to the BRP Employee Experience is deeply rooted in our core values of valuing people, promoting growth, practicing simplicity and ingenuity, and ensuring sustainability. These values have guided us through turbulent times and inspired us to continuously assess what it means to work at BRP Architects. We are dedicated to creating a space where every team member feels valued, inspired, and excited to be a part of something greater than themselves.

"As employees of a small firm, it is nice to know you are appreciated and the effort you put into your job does not go unnoticed, BRP Architects exceeds at this. Management at BRP goes out of their way to support and encourage the goals of all employees. They promote a positive culture, coordinating and encouraging a number of group activities outside of the office that help to keep everyone connected and help prioritize a good work-life balance."

Stacey Richardson

Accounting Coordinator

We uphold this commitment by weaving our core values into the fabric of our daily operations.

Valuing People: To us, this means recognizing and celebrating the unique strengths and talents each team member brings to the table. It means investing in professional development and personal growth, ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to flourish.

Promoting Growth: As the world rapidly changes, so do the skills and knowledge required in our field. We take this as an opportunity to promote growth tenaciously and purposefully. We invest in resources, training, mentorships, etc., to empower our employees to adapt and thrive in a changing landscape.

Practicing Simplicity and Ingenuity: We believe that some of the most beautiful and effective solutions come from simplicity and ingenuity. Our work culture encourages creative problem-solving, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo.

Ensuring Sustainability: Just as we are committed to creating sustainable architectural designs, we are dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of our team’s well-being. This means maintaining a healthy work-life balance, offering competitive benefits, and fostering a workplace that prioritizes mental and physical health.

“Our core values are the fundamentals of how we run and see our business. Valuing people means valuing all the people that our business encounters including our staff members, their families, our clients, consultants, and the community. It means seeing people beyond members of the business world, but seeing them as individuals, with unique talents and interests. Promoting growth expands in many different directions. We strive to promote growth for our staff members by providing them with tools and resources necessary to build their careers. We also promote growth for our clients by providing architectural solutions that stand the test of time and take into consideration future growth and expansion that align with our client’s vision. Practicing simplicity and ingenuity means that we strive to avoid unnecessary complexity which often derives from lack of thought and planning. The best solution is a simple but clever one. This type of solution saves resources and shows clear understanding for everyone involved. This goes hand in hand with our last core value of ensuring sustainability. We practice sustainability in both, the way we run our business and the way we design for our clients. Every decision that’s made ensures proper use of resources whether it’s selecting materials and systems for an architectural project or choosing operating strategies within our business.”

George Mandrik, AIA

Architect & Partner

Our mission statement, “Your Vision. Our Focus.” Encapsulates our promise to our clients and our employees. We are here to bring your vision to life while simultaneously creating a work environment that is engaging and rewarding.

Our aim is to be the “architect of choice,” not only for our clients but also for the exceptional individuals who make up our team. We understand that by nurturing our employees’ passions and ambitions, we can become the architecture firm design professionals strive for.

“Architect of choice to me is to be at front of mind in our industry and community. A beautiful piece of architecture adds value not only to the people that use the building but also adds quality to the community that it is located within. Crafting this experience for people is what can keep the community engaged with the building and in turn with the architects of the project. The goal is to deliver a high-quality product and experience that will have a lasting impact.”

Amber Summers, AIA


When you join BRP Architects, you’re not just reporting to work, you’re embarking on a fulfilling journey where your career becomes an integral part of your life. At BRP, your job is not just a physical place; it’s a community, a family, and a shared adventure.

“I chose BRP for several reasons, the main one being the kind of work they do. I looked into several architectural project designs of theirs that caught my attention. I admired their work as a firm and the attention to detail present in every project. One of the reasons I enjoy working here are the people, everyone is kind and understanding. Everyone in the firm cares about my personal growth as an architect and supports me as I strive to achieve my goals. The company also has important values that go beyond what is expected, not only with its employees but also with its clients.“

William Miranda

Student Architectural Intern

Together, we’ll continue to evolve, crafting an employee experience that not only supports our employees’ growth but nurtures their personal journey. Your story becomes an integral part of our collective narrative, and your contributions will help us achieve our mission of being the “architect of choice” for both our clients and team members.

Interested in joining our team? We’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re looking for an internship or a full-time job, submit your resume and cover letter to


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