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Things We Are Thankful For in 2020

With all that 2020 has brought us, we know Thanksgiving may look a little different this year. However, we cannot help but think one of the greatest things to come out of this year is the new perspective it has given us. This year has reminded us to not take the little things for granted such as our health and even… toilet paper. We are especially thankful this year, for our incredible clients, old and new, and our tremendously talented and dedicated staff.

Below are some other things 2020 has made us thankful for and we hope that reading these reasons will make you come up with a few of your own.

  • I am thankful that our local medical facilities have had the foresight to plan for the COVID waves and expanded their facilities to provide for the influx of COVID cases in advance. -Geoffrey Butler, Architect & Founding Partner

  • I am thankful for the frontline medical workers they are the backbone of our health systems! - Mike Harned, Architect & Partner

  • Telephones, I am thankful we have these neat little handheld devices that connect us when we can't be together in person! - Gerri Kielhofner, Architect & Partner

  • I am thankful for the support and grace my family provides as we navigate a pandemic. - Chris Swan, Architect & Managing Partner

  • I am thankful for all the additional time I get to spend with my kids and wife during the pandemic. We've never spent so much time together! - Benjamin Van Eps, Architect & Partner

  • Blessings, I am thankful for my family, my faith, and health during an uncertain time. - Angie Way, CFO & Partner

  • Family and Friends, I'm thankful for good health of myself and my loved ones. - Sean Arkin, Architectural Intern

  • Family Time, I'm thankful for having more time to see my parents and as an added bonus my younger sister moved back to Springfield! - Nicholas Banner, Architect

  • I am thankful for the support and the much-needed socialization that my family and friends have given me this year. - Jake Burris, Architectural Intern

  • Health, I am very thankful to have a healthy and happy family. - Laura Daughtery, Architect

  • I'm thankful that I graduated this year and no longer have homework! - Megan Evans, Architectural Intern

  • Especially through these trying times, I've never realized how dedicated those are around me to remain calm, collected, and cheerful despite the unprecedented complications and trouble we face every day of this pandemic. - Jon Gruett, Architectural Intern

  • Freedom, I'm thankful that I don't have to walk in fear. - Glenn Illert, Architectural Designer

  • Good Fortune, I am grateful for the opportunities my wife and I have been afforded to begin our careers in Springfield. - Alan Lovekamp, Architectural Intern

  • I am thankful for the nonexistent commute times this year. - George Mandrik, Architect

  • I am thankful for the extra time gained from working at home that has allowed me to take lunch and afternoon walks with my dogs through the neighborhood. - Jacob Nentrup, Architectural Intern

  • Holiday Spirits, I am thankful that throughout the year we can depend on each other to overcome our obstacles. And the giving spirit of joy and thankfulness around the holidays. - Colin Rader, Architectural Intern

  • A healthy family, I am thankful my family has stayed healthy through the pandemic. - Stacey Richardson, Accounting Coordinator

  • Since we can’t always be together in person, I am thankful for video chats so I can keep in touch and see family, friends, and coworkers! - Nicole Shaul, Architect

  • I am thankful for the time that I have gained and put towards my new hobby of gardening. - Chelsea Smith, Architectural Intern

  • I am thankful the internet provides connection with family and friends, as well as much needed entertainment to get me through this year. - Amber Summers, Architectural Intern

  • I'm thankful for technology that allows us to seamlessly connect with our coworkers, clients, and colleagues. - Jordann Wheatley, Marketing Coordinator

Thank you for being our clients, colleagues, and friends! Sending our warmest Thanksgiving wishes from the BRP Architects family to yours.


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