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Principal for a Day

Angie Way, CFO and Partner at BRP Architects, recently participated in Springfield Public Schools’ Principal for a Day partnership program with the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.   The program connects area business owners and leaders across the school district.  This initiative fosters community involvement creating impactful awareness by providing invaluable insights and deeper perspectives on the challenges and triumphs faced by educators and students.

During the immersive visit, Angie Way shadowed Principal Brown at Parkview High School.  Traveling with three of Parkview’s brightest students through the halls of PHS, the importance of instilling leadership, responsibility, and accountability is apparent.  Through programs like journalism, jazz band, and DECA, the school nurtures diverse talents, creating a thriving ecosystem for academic and personal growth.

The commitment to each student's unique journey, coupled with a focus on real-world skills, enables graduates not only to be academically accomplished but also equipped with the qualities needed for success beyond the classroom. Through these interactions, Angie remarked, “Parkview High School's story is one of resilience, growth, and a steadfast commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow and building a strong community.  What I observed at PHS was a principal (and staff) with an unwavering commitment to preparing students to meet life’s challenges and a student body that was preparing to take on those challenges.”


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