BR&P Redesigned: Top Office Design Trends 2017

Over the past two months, our office has been under construction. After purging old office equipment and furniture, and a temporary move to the opposite side of the building, we’re finally back in our redesigned studio, ready to bring you the same great work in an all new space. Using our move as inspiration, we decided to take a look at office design trends.

More companies are realizing the real impact workplace design has on productivity and a company’s bottom line. Research from Gensler, a global design firm, reveals that poor workplace design costs U.S. businesses an estimated $330 billion in lost productivity each year. Furthermore, their 2016 data uncovered a statistical link between the quality and functional make-up of the workplace to the level of innovation employees attribute to their companies. Businesses are taking notice, and shifting their design to meet employee expectations.

Multi-Faceted, Collaborative & Flexible Spaces:

A major trend is designing spaces for employees to collaborate better and faster. Our new studio has allowed for an even bigger open office environment making it easier to collaborate with others working on the same projects. At the same time, companies are making sure privacy and acoustics aren’t overlooked. Offices are implementing designated quiet spaces or have acoustic furniture that allows employees privacy. These different spaces allow employees options depending on their work style.

Offices are implementing designated quiet spaces or have acoustic furniture that allows employees privacy – Carol Jones Realtors Office Redesign

With changes in technology and shifts in working culture, many companies are creating flexible office layouts. It’s hard for businesses to predict what job functions and technologies will be used in the next few years. Companies need space and furniture that will adapt to future needs.  A flexible workspace allows for upcoming technology to be easily integrated and make it easier for companies to adapt to changes.

Millennials are favoring less-conventional workspaces with separate lounge areas & flexible furniture – Husch Blackwell Breakroom

Millennial Appeal:

As boomers retire, this cohort will quickly make up the largest generation within the workforce. Companies are shifting design to attract and retain this demographic. Millennials are favoring less-conventional workspaces with flexible furniture. Many businesses are building highly original offices with many places for casual, impromptu meetings, lots of glass, and separate lounge areas.

Shift Towards All Digital

With the move to everything digital, office’s filing rooms are often left empty. These spaces shouldn’t be left unused. Many offices have creatively repurposed them into another small conference room, private phone room, or added workspaces for projects. In our office redesign, we repurposed a filing storage area into a small meeting room.

Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center Living Wall Rendering in Denton, Texas

Bringing the Outside In

Many companies are integrating natural elements into their workplace design, using materials such as salvaged wood, water features, outdoor office extensions, and living walls. These biophilic design elements have a real impact on performance including increased productivity and creativity, reduced stress, and improved emotional well-being. While not an office, the BR&P designed Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center in Denton, Texas will feature a living wall in the lobby.

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