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Meet Jordann, BRP Architect's New Marketing Coordinator

Meet Jordann, BRP Architect's New Marketing Coordinator

On June 3rd, we were happy to welcome Jordann Wheatley, Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer, to our team! Jordann was born in Rich Hill, a small town in Missouri, where she grew up on her family farm. Jordann recently graduated with honors from Missouri State University with a BFA in Graphic Design and minor in Marketing: Advertising and Promotions.

Let’s get to know more about Jordann…

What was it like growing up on a farm? Growing up on a farm really taught me to appreciate where your food comes from. It also made me very adventurous, as a kid I was always outside: therefore, climbing trees, playing in the dirt, and feeding the animals were all among some of the things I loved to do.

How did you know you were wanting to go into marketing/ graphic design? I have always had a passion for creativity. So marketing and graphic design were perfect outlets for me to express that. I also enjoy how it allows you to have a deeper, more meaningful connection with people, both physically and visually.

Favorite place you’ve ever been? Florence, Italy! I had the opportunity to study abroad here for a month and it was an incredible experience. One of my favorite parts of this trip was getting to experience a culture so different from my own.

View of Florence skyline from top view in Italy

Show you are currently binge watching? Dark, for the second time! It is a show that Germany produces that is shown on Netflix. It has sort of a Stranger Things vibe to it.

What is a food you couldn’t live without? Pizza or Buffalo Wings!

What made you choose BRP Architects? BRP stood out to me as a company that really cares about their clients and their staff, providing them the best possible tools for success. They are also very friendly and supportive, valuing what you can bring to the table and are willing to help whenever they can!


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