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Innovative Science Lab Designed for Student Achievement

Greenwood Lab School Class Section

Located on the Missouri State University Campus in Springfield, the Greenwood Lab School Science Scholars’ Addition opened for classes on January 17.

Greenwood students have a history of excellence in science and many go on to have careers in science-related fields. A new science wing has been a long-term dream for the school. The project was made possible by a family with three generations of Greenwood graduates who offered matching funds specifically for this project.

Greenwood School Hallway

This addition is not just about adding more space, it’s also about adding innovative, state-of-the-art labs and learning facilities for teaching students about physics, earth sciences, chemistry, and biology. The building is designed to be a teaching tool for high school and university students that features over-sized, flexible space for a range of curricula and pedagogy. All classroom elements (desks, lab stations, and computers) are mobile for greater flexibility and adaptability. As our MEP engineer on the project, Ross & Baruzzini designed utility service pipes that are color coded so students know exactly how their classrooms are serviced. The classroom ventilation system was designed to meet university laboratory air quality levels. Designed to be a truly 21st century school, the addition is intended to foster creativity and curiosity in an informal, student-oriented environment.

Additional needs addressed by the project include:

  • Informal learning spaces consisting of three student gathering/lounge areas, one of which can accommodate an entire class

  • Enhanced primary and middle school science facilities in the existing science classrooms, which were renovated and re-equipped

  • A new “front” to the rear of the building along an emerging primary vehicular route on campus

  • Recognition of financial contributions by individuals and families with glass plaques that incorporate science iconography throughout the addition

Designed to and pursuing LEED Silver certification, the addition is oriented for passive solar heating and daylight harvesting which includes automatic and manual lighting settings. Further sustainable techniques utilized in the design include increased thermal performance and indoor air quality, an energy efficient mechanical system, and an efficient use of construction resources.

Greenwood School

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