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Hotels Go Green: Sustainable Design in Hospitality

Hotels Go Green: Sustainable Design in Hospitality

Major hotel brands are increasing their commitment to sustainable practices as going green is becoming more and more important to travelers. In fact, 62% of travelers often consider the environment when choosing hotels, transportation, and meals, and 69% say that they plan to make even more eco-friendly choices in the next 12 months. As guest expectations of social responsibility and demand for eco-friendly services and products grow, the basics of reusing towels and automatic lights are no longer enough for many hotel brands.

Watch the video above to see how hotels are shifting towards sustainable practices.

Hotels are trending towards green design. Hyatt was one of the first hotel chains to start tracking their energy and water use. Today, they participate in LEED certification and new construction with sustainability in mind. Marriott has pledged a 20% reduction in water, energy, and greenhouse emissions by 2020, and has introduced employee uniforms that are made from recycled plastic bottles. IHG introduced their Green Engage system to help minimize their hotels’ impact on the local environment. Hilton has worked hard to reduce waste. They donate excess food to local food banks, recycle mattress and box springs, and partner with a non-profit who recycles partially-used soaps into clean, usable toiletries for people in need.

BR&P is currently designing Home2 Suites in Evansville, IN, Queensbury, NY, and in Springfield, MO. Home2Suites by Hilton prides itself on sustainability, and eco-friendly elements have been incorporated into the design throughout their hotels. Counter surfaces, containers, and carpet tiles all contain recycled materials. Indoor and outdoor pools are all saline-based, which uses natural minerals instead of chemicals to maintain the pool. Recycling centers are provided in the lobby, on every floor, and in every suite. Landscaping around the hotel also includes native plants which minimize water usage.

BR&P is designing several eco-friendly hotel brands: Embassy Suites & Convention Center, Cambria Hotel & Suties, Home2 Suites, & Element Hotel & Event Center

Another sustainable project in the design phase is the Element Hotel in Lenox, MA. This hotel brand keeps sustainability top of mind with energy reducing roofs, energy star appliances, and eco-friendly textiles.

Other projects in design include the Cambria Hotel & Suites in Omaha, Nebraska and the Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center in Jonesboro, AR. Both will be LEED Certified. The Embassy Suites & Convention Center in Denton, TX is currently under construction. When completed in late 2017, it will be LEED Gold Certified, and have solar panels on the roof producing on-site power.

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