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Growing Where We’re Planted: Why Serving Matters to BR&P.

As our founder, Geoffrey Butler, says: “You should always strive to leave a place better than when you got there; and if you’re not happy with the way things are, you should get involved and change it for the better.”
Or as Tim Rosenbury says: “There is some kind of rightness about contributing to the well-being of the community because the community contributes to our firm’s well-being.”

BR&P‘s principals believe in serving in the community as a mark of good corporate citizenship. In our 36 year existence as a firm we’ve learned giving is the first step in getting something in return. Giving takes time and effort. We help through active participation in boards, committees, legislative advocacy, professional and student mentorship, and lending our professional skills.

In addition to the pleasure of knowing that we’ve helped an organization or cause financially, we have found there are professional benefits to service. First, we’ve been able to meet people whose interests align with ours. Second, serving has afforded us the opportunity to get noticed and known among business leaders, and to demonstrate our professional competence. Third, we have become better listeners and better leaders as a result.

Technical work is fundamental for a design professional, but through participation and service we develop other skills needed in our professional work, such as: project management, community engagement, consensus building, delegation, critical thinking, strategic planning and analysis with new situations, problems and people.

Recently, Geoffrey Butler, who was on BR&P’s most recent Day of Caring Team at Boys & Girls Town, was asked by them to help with a code compliance issue in one of their housing facilities. By lending his professional knowledge and a few hours of his time, he was able to determine their facility was, in fact, in compliance, saving them an estimated $100,000 in construction costs.

In addition to personal involvement in activities such as church, their childrens’ school, and social and alumni groups, BR&P’s professionals are currently involved in these organizations and in these roles:

At BR&P, we do what we’re capable of and invest in the community to make it a better place. We’re problem solvers, leaders and client advocates – and we would love to be of professional service to you!

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