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Every project matters.

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Recently we received this message: 

“I appreciate the diligence that BR&P applies to small projects like this. It is refreshing to know that this owner is getting the same level of service that you provide to all of your clients. It certainly makes my job easier.”

For nearly 35 years we have approached each project with the same belief:  every client deserves the same level of care and commitment that is applied to all of our projects. We work diligently to ensure success for our clients because we want to be on the other end of the phone when their next project comes up.

There is no blanket formula for success, but we have learned a few things along the way that help ensure the success of our projects.


Listen to what is being asked and determine the goal and its feasibility.


Ask questions. Get to know the client’s operation and their customers.


Measure, design and review. Prepare for construction.


Bumps may happen along the way, but accountable professionals are found in the effective

resolution of issues and adversity.


What did we learn from this project? What relationships were formed along the way? Did we meet or exceed the client’s goal for their project?

Your project may be the latest newsworthy headline, or simply a personal priority for you. At BR&P, a multi-level hotel and a limited interior church renovation are equally important because delight in seeing your vision come to life.

If you’re a prospective new client or a repeat client, when the time comes, we’d love to answer your call.

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