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A Message from the Manager: Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center – Denton, TX

A Message from the Manager - Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center, Denton, Texas

When we receive messages like this, it makes us love what we do even more!

"Opening a hotel is a special time for a hotelier. Nothing is normal and every day brings a crazy new challenge. I started the week off by not being able to get into our awesome double wide because over the weekend someone had hit our entry steps with a construction vehicle and knocked it out of place (see photos of the Core guys quickly fixing it at 6:15 in the morning – they were awesome! And yes we did treat them to donuts for their efforts). 

Fixing the Trailer

Today we had an impromptu Dawn Patrol. There is a beautiful sense of pride watching the sun rise from behind the hotel and then standing in the vacant unfinished building on the top floor as the sun starts the day off.  While up there I noticed my other two early birds pulling in and I decided to treat them to a delicious food truck breakfast burrito at the front of the building. These are memories that we will share for years to come when we reflect on this time.

Embassy Suites Denton Texas - Food Trucks

From everyone here at the Denton Embassy we want to thank all of you back at the corporate office that have been working on the Denton project for many years. We get to see the change and growth everyday of your labors while many of you will only see it after completion. I hope these pictures give you a sense of the beauty of what this hotel is quickly becoming. Thank you to all of you for being a great support staff.  

Sincerely Jeff Pritts General Manager Embassy Suites by Hilton Denton Convention Center

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