Building Virtually – Connecting Design to the Built Reality

Imagine a world where you can interact with the objects inside your design. Don’t like how something looks? Change the wall material or draw a new beam in midair. At the same time, take a walk through your digital project. That reality is closer than ever before with advances in virtual reality technology. VR is well on its way to infiltrating the design industry, and is already changing how we create and interact with our environment.

While using renderings, floor plans, and models are great, in some situations those aren’t the most effective way to convey a space. The wearer of the VR goggles is instantly immersed in a 3D environment that can give an incredible sense of depth, scale, and spatial awareness that you can’t get from traditional models or renderings.

There are many implications for VR in architecture and construction. VR helps to improve the design and building processes in a variety of ways. One way is in the ability to make changes. Once a building is under construction, making any type of adjustment is time consuming and expensive. Using VR allows clients to experience the space and make any changes before construction begins, saving time and money. It’s also currently being used in concert and sporting facility design. Architects use VR to imagine what views fans can have from different locations in the stadium. They can then figure out how to improve the positioning of those seats. Other applications include experimenting with daylighting and helping to concieve design ideas for unused spaces.

Butler, Rosenbury & Partners uses virtual reality headsets, and in connection with our BIM software, we give our clients a more immersive experience within their projects. Clients can look around, and understand more fully how projects will come together in a 360 degree view of their building before they are constructed.

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