Celebrating Women’s History Month – BRP Women of Architecture

Celebrating Women's History Month: BRP Women of Architecture

March is National Women’s History Month, which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women, and is a perfect time to focus on women in the architecture profession.

According to a study by NCARB, the rate of women joining the profession is increasing. Women are also obtaining licensure faster than their male counterparts. In 2016, women accounted for 36% of newly licensed architects. Nearly 2 in 5 new architects are women, and women earned their initial license almost 10 months sooner than men. Overall, in 2016, women made up 24% of architects in the United States.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’ve asked Gerri Kielhofner, BRP Architect & Partner, Laura Daugherty, BRP Architect, and Nicole Shaul, BRP Intern Architect, to share their insights on the past, present and future of architecture and design.

Nicole and Laura - BR&P Women of Architecture Blog

Left to Right: Laura Daugherty, BRP Architect, and Nicole Shaul, BRP Intern Architect

Why did you want to work in architecture?

"Design and construction has always been a part of my life. Growing up, my family renovated and saved old houses and buildings along with some new construction. Architecture was a great fit for the creative artsy side and the “sciencey”- math side of my brain." – Laura
"I decided to be an architect in 7th grade. It seemed like a cool job then. As I have progressed through my education and early career, there have only been a few moments when I questioned my middle school whim. (Hello, rough critiques!) As I learned more about the profession, I realized it fit perfectly with my love of problem-solving and requires enough creativity to keep me interested." – Nicole
Gerri Kielhofner

Gerri Kielhofner, BRP Architect & Partner, at her first job out of college at PGAV in Kansas City, MO

How have you seen the industry change since you began your career in architecture?

"Architecture has not necessarily changed – for me it’s still all about solving problems for clients, learning what they do, helping them do their job by creating buildings that function properly, and figuring out how to put a building together that works!" – Gerri
"The demand is in continual change. The tools we use to create are significantly different than when I started. Moving from 2D drafting to 3D modeling has been significant and has really enhanced our design process." – Laura
Nicole Shaul

Nicole Shaul, BRP Intern Architect

What attracted you to join BRP?

"Honestly, I graduated in an economic slump, so I was lucky to get a job here. Then I realized after being here that the firm is very well organized and run by passionate people who are intent on doing an excellent job for their clients and the community." – Laura
"I was already familiar with the firm since I went to college in Springfield, but when I started looking for post-grad jobs, the size of BRP caught my eye. I like that it wasn’t a huge firm and that I wouldn’t just be a