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BR&P Emerges Victorious – CSI Bricklayer 100

BR&P Emerges Victorious: CSI Bricklayer 100

Teams gathered on a rainy April afternoon to compete in the famous Southwest Missouri Chapter of CSI’s Bricklayer 100 Competition. The rules: 45 minutes, 100 bricks. Looking out over the playing field of other various local architect firms and architect students from Drury University, the BR&P teams knew the competition would be tough.

Some had been preparing for this for years, others five minutes. BR&P team members had varied approaches. While Nate Hay ran 16 miles the night before just to prep and visualize the wall; Laura Daugherty could be overheard psyching out the competition telling others “she did this once a couple years ago.” Layne Hunton spent weeks perfecting the perfect mortar to brick ratio; Jacob Nentrup watched HGTV.

Layne - CSI Bricklayer 100

The horn blew, and competitors ran to their places to start forming the walls. Upon learning that there were only .1% women in the masonry field, with each brick Laura laid, she vowed to bust the patriarchy and kick gender norms to the curb.

Layne and Jacob had a decent start but as time went on a tiny lean in their wall was detected. Sources say they heard Jacob assure people, “It’s just an optical illusion.” At 28 minutes, Applegate Masonry had completed their wall. It was then that Laura and Nate noticed they were scraping the dregs of their mortar, while Layne and Jacob had an overflowing pile. Nate suspected foul play, while Layne suddenly got quiet and had shifty eyes. The mystery may never be solved.

As the final horn blew, competitors laid down their trowels. Their work was completed. Overall, lessons had been learned by everyone. The event truly shows the meaning of skilled labor and an appreciation for masonry work. Not only that, but it supports a great cause. All of the money raised from the competition goes towards the Bob Boehner Memorial Scholarship which helps students during their final year in a construction related degree program.

At last, the results were in. Laura Daugherty and Nate Hay took home the W. Not only did they win the coveted golden trowel, but the Best Mason and Best Craftsman awards as well. “Some people win the Final Four, some the Super Bowl, we won the Bricklayer 100,” said Nate. Jacob and Layne took home a respectable 4th place finish.

Nate & Laura

Nate Hay and Laura Daugherty took home the golden trowel, coming in first place!

A reporter could be heard asking, “You’ve just won the Bricklayer 100, what are you going to do next? Hoisting the golden trowel in the air the BR&P champions yelled, “We’re going to Disney World!”

*some events may have been fictionalized

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