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BR&P Welcomes Amber Summers & Collin Tucker to the Team

BRP Welcomes Amber and Collin

Butler, Rosenbury & Partners welcomed Collin Tucker, Student Architectural Intern, and Amber Summers, Intern Architect, to our team of design professionals this summer.

Collin, who is from Troy, MO, will be a fifth-year Architecture student at Drury University. He will graduate next May with a Master of Architecture. At Drury, he has studied abroad in Venice, Italy and Amsterdam, Netherlands during summer 2016, and is a member of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity.

Amber, originally from North Kansas City, MO, graduated from Kansas State University in 2018 with a Master of Architecture and minor in regional and community planning. While attending K-State, she was an ambassador for the College of Architecture, Planning and Design. She was also a member of APDPro, a professional development program, and a design studio mentor for second-year students. She worked with the economic development office of Clay Center, KS to create a downtown revival plan, and was a member of the Design + Make studio.

Amber was a member of the architectural honors society, Tau Sigma Delta, and was a finalist for the Kremer Design Competition for graduate architecture students. She also studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy for a semester.

An Intern Architect is a graduate of an accredited professional program in architecture, who has not yet passed the series of exams required by the state of residency in order to become licensed.

Now that you know the business details, here are some fun facts about Amber and Collin…

Meet Collin:

Collin Tucker

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? I really enjoyed my time exploring Yosemite Park in California. I can’t wait to visit it again.

What is your best tip on surviving architecture school? Always look ahead and manage your time wisely.

Favorite piece of architecture in the world? The iconic Seagram Building in New York City.

Best concert you’ve been to? Any of the times I saw Awolnation, July Talk, or OK GO live. I can’t pick just one!

Favorite Springfield food? My absolute favorite is King’s Asian Chef!

What’s your favorite movie of all time? I could watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on repeat.

Why did you want to be an architect? I love to create, design and model my ideas. Becoming an architect gave me the opportunity to do that.

What famous person would you like to have dinner with? Why? I would love to sit down to have dinner with Youtube star Ethan Klein, just because he’s a relatable and funny guy.

Now Amber’s turn:

Amber Summers

What’s something unique about you? I danced for 15 years and competed nationally with my team.

What are you binging on Netflix? I am currently in the middle of the many seasons of Criminal Minds.

What is something you’d like to learn how to do? I have always wanted to 3D print something.

3D Print

What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on? The best trip I have ever taken was my study abroad experience. I lived in the town center of Orvieto, Italy and was able to completely immerse myself into the Italian culture. During my semester there I was also able to travel to many other countries and see how different and unique countries are in Europe.

Which celebrity do you shamelessly follow in the news? I honestly don’t follow any celebrities and typically have no idea what is happening in current pop culture.

What is your favorite thing about Springfield so far? While I haven’t been in Springfield very long, I have found it refreshing how kind and friendly people are to complete strangers. It really feels like a smaller community within a city.

What is your favorite piece of architecture in the world and why? One of my favorite pieces of architecture is the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. It was designed by Bernard Tschumi and is located directly next to the Acropolis. It houses the original artifacts from the historic site. I didn’t know this building existed until I went to visit and wandered past it. While the building itself is simple and beautiful on the exterior, the inside is amazing. Since it is a modern building in such an historical context the building pays respect to that. The top floor of the museum is dedicated to the Parthenon’s artifacts and recreates the temple with modern columns placed with the same spacing and proportion. The top floor also looks out to the Parthenon. It is an amazing mix of contemporary design and ancient history.

Acropolis Museum

When did you know you wanted to be an architect? The first time I remember thinking about being an architect was in third grade when I took a career placement test and my results were architecture. But the idea of pursuing architecture was solidified in high school when I took a drafting class.

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