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Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB Breaks Ground

Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce & CVB Breaks Ground

The Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau will soon have a new home! The BR&P designed headquarters broke ground earlier this month.

The facility reflects Branson in the 21st century. The site, which is designed as an homage to the Ozark Mountain landscape includes stormwater retention and filtering to help protect the watershed downstream. The interior will be fitted with current technology to support a Visitor Center, meetings, displays and staff activities.

Branson Chamber of Commerce Entrance

The public areas will engage chamber members and visitors alike. These include a spacious two-story lobby which does double duty as a visitor’s center and an adjacent multipurpose room that can be completely opened to the lobby for exhibitions and receptions. Other features include a suite of three smaller conference rooms and a modern boardroom. One of the most dramatic and impressive features will be an upper-floor outdoor balcony offering a tree line view of the nearby countryside and the attractions on the 76 strip. Guests and employees will have access via a retractable glass wall.

The character of the building is intentionally modern and progressive, reinforcing the Chamber and CVB’s emphasis on acknowledging the progress the Branson-Lakes area has made as a locale to live, work and play.

Branson Chamber office rendering

The project points to Branson’s future and will serve as a new front door to Branson. It will serve as the backdrop for economic and community development in the Branson-Tri-Lakes area.

“The business community is excited about this project and specifically having a place where business leadership can conduct business in a professional manner,” says Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Jeff Seifried. “That’s what this project does for Branson.”

Construction is estimated to be complete early 2019.

Branson Chamber lobby rendering

Project Team:

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