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Be Prepared with a Plan of Action

Branson tornado damage

Branson Tornado Damage Assessments (Branson, MO)

When one of our clients, HCW, LLC, recently experienced immense damage to several of its properties in Branson we were called in to help. Two of our partners, David Hess, AIA and Bruce Adib-Yazdi, AIA, LEED AP, went to help assess the situation at the Hilton Hotel and the Branson Landing. Since then, HCW has hired us to be available on site to immediately resolve issues, answer questions and assist the contractors through the process of repairing the damage. These on-site services will help expedite the repairs as well as ensure quality.

Joplin Tornado Damage Assessments (Joplin, MO)

Bill Bergmann, PE our structural engineer was called on for his experience and expertise by property owners in Joplin to assess the extent of damage to their properties. Bill was able to go in, examine the building structure, take pictures on site and compile a report for each property with an account of the damage and recommendations for repairs per required building codes and regulations.

Joplin Design Charrette (Joplin, MO)

Tim Rosenbury, AIA led a group of 25 architecture professionals and students in a housing and neighborhood design Charrette in October 2011 which was organized by the Springfield Chapter of the AIA to help with the rebuilding efforts in Joplin. Also participating in the two-day Charrette were two of BR&P’s intern architects, Stephanie Shadwick and Daniel Hancock.

Joplin Nursing Home (Joplin, MO)

This facility was partially destroyed. The insurance company was quick to come down and attempt to salvage the facility and minimize their loss. They sent a contractor down to reroof the facility and make it weather tight as much as possible. We were brought in after discussions with the insurance company began to fall apart regarding whether the facility could even be rebuilt and salvaged. After a complete evaluation of the project condition, discussions with the City Code Officials and a detailed code review we determined that the facility could not be rebuilt and meet current building codes, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the State Licensing Regulations for Skilled Nursing. In the end, the facility had to be torn down and the insurance company had to fund a new facility on a different site (this site was too small). The early investment of hundreds of dollars on the roof system was wasted. Had we been brought in earlier, that could have been avoided.

City of Stockton Comprehensive Recovery Plan (Stockton, MO)

The City of Stockton, Missouri experienced mass devastation when an F-3 tornado touched down on May 4, 2003. BR&P worked as part of a consultant team to the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to create a Comprehensive Recovery Plan for the City of Stockton. The Stockton Comprehensive Recovery Plan was developed to identify projects that will support and promote revitalization of the community and the local economy. After extensive field research, community input and study of the opportunities and constraints, several specific projects were identified that would restore the multifunctional qualities of the Stockton community. The plan strongly focused on four key aspects of recovery: creating a new identity for the Town Square, improving economic linkages to Stockton Lake, restoring quality of life features, and housing recovery. The plan provided a foundation for a broad-based recovery process that was used by the community to restore Stockton’s infrastructure to predicator function and capacity, correct broader infrastructure insufficiencies and spark growth of the community’s economic base.

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