Architectural Bucket List

Architectural Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, right? A number of experiences that you look forward to and want to accomplish during your lifetime. If you don’t, maybe you should think about making one. However, an architectural bucket list could look a bit different. This may consist of anything from spending a day with Frank Gehry to seeing the Taj Mahal in person. In inspiration of a blog post created by Life of An Architect, we asked a few architects here at BRP to share their own.


If you could spend a day with any famous architect who would it be and why?

Buckminster Fuller, Biosphere Environment Museum

Left: Buckminster Fuller ( photo: Flicker user Valenzuela )  Right: Biosphere Environment Museum, Montreal, Canada ( photo: George Rose/Getty Images)

Geoffrey: I think a day with Buckminster Fuller would pretty much get your creative juices flowing. He did not bother to stay “in the box”.

Renzo Piano and his project the Centre Pompidou in Paris

Left: Renzo Piano (photo: Archpaper) Right: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France (photo: Flickr user dalbera)

Chris: If I had to choose just one architect to spend the day with, it would be Renzo Piano because I believe his work embodies simplicity in form, elegance in structural expression, masterfully control daylight, and always strives to be contextual.

Thomas Jefferson and his project Monticello

Left: Thomas Jefferson Right: Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia (photos: Wikimedia)

Tim: I’m intrigued by Thomas Jefferson. Not everyone thinks of him as an architect, but I do. His designs for his own home, Monticello, and the University of Virginia are to this day prototypes for country homes and campuses. He was full of contradictions with respect to character and intellect.


What about a place that you’ve always wanted to visit? It doesn’t necessarily have to be architectural.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany (photo: Wikimedia)

Geoffrey: I have to say I’ve traveled to some interesting places I never thought I would. China (north and south), Dubai, France and all over the US. I think a trip though to Bavaria would be pretty cool.