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Arcade City Branson Landing Opens

Arcade City Branson Landing Opens!

Arcade City has made its debut on the Branson Landing. The BR&P designed attraction opened September 1 and is comprised of the arcade, the 7D Dark Ride Adventure and the Mirror Maize.

Arcade City Exterior

Arcade City mixes the perfect blend of amusement and entertainment to provide a memorable adventure for guests of all ages. Guests are greeted with a movie marquee. Technology integration is a significant part of the experience. Guests are able to load their money on rechargeable game cards and use them to swipe to play. The amount of “tickets” won are tracked on the game cards.

Video courtesy of FACE Amusement, lighting by VITS Lighting

Next to the arcade is the 7D Dark Ride Adventure, an interactive shooting game for all ages. The ride combines elements from roller coaster simulators and the senses with the use of wind, light, and sound. From zombies to a robot creating mad scientist, this is an experience guests won’t forget. Another attraction, The Mirror Maize, a new concept for FACE Amusement, is an indoor corn maze using all mirrors. The interior, designed to evoke a Missouri style barn, features sound and light effects. The guest enters with the goal to find a lost farmer, and then try to work their way back out of the maze.

7D Dark Ride & Mirror Maize

Project Team:

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