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Springfield-Branson National Airport Expansion Complete

Springfield-Branson National Airport Expansion Complete

Travelers now have access to a larger restaurant, expanded menu and faster wi-fi at the Springfield-Branson National Airport. Butler, Rosenbury & Partners designed the improvements for the airport, which are the first major renovations to the airline terminal since it opened in 2009.

With passenger numbers expected to reach one million per year, the Springfield-Branson National Airport needed to make upgrades to keep up with anticipated growth.

Springfield-Branson National Airport: Riverbend Restaurant

These changes included an expansion and remodel of the restaurant in the gate area. The old restaurant was often in short supply of customer seating and wait lines spilled out into the concourse. After the renovation, the size of the restaurant has increased by more than 50% to help with overcrowding. A new venue, The Riverbend, allows for more menu options including many made-to-order breakfast items, as well as pizzas, gourmet burgers and fried pickles, among other “finger foods” for lunch and dinner.

Springfield-Branson National Airport - Glass Partition & Glass Pendants

The project also highlights local elements within the restaurant area. Custom made glass pendants were created by Springfield Hot Glass. “The color used really makes the space pop, but also works well with the natural aesthetics of the building’s interior,” explains Layne Hunton, BR&P Architect. Another local feature is the patterned freestanding glass partitions. They have been sandblasted to depict lakes within the Southwest Missouri region.

Springfield-Branson National Airport - Charging Tables

Additional project improvements include an upgrade to the airport wi-fi, which had not been updated in five years. As mobile device use increases, the airport was struggling to keep up with passengers who needed to charge their devices. Six custom designed charging stations are now located at dedicated task tables throughout the concourse.

“Making improvements like this are vital to the airport’s success,” says Brian Weiler, airport director. “It’s part of an on-going process of making sure our airport offers the best possible customer service.”

Project Team:

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