Park Central Square by the Numbers

Park Central Square By The Numbers

  • Times that the Springfield Public Square has changed significantly since 1838: 6
  • Number of years that “The Pie” occupied Springfield’s Public Square: 38
  • Number of years (and counting) for Lawrence Halprin & Associates’ Park Central Square: 40
  • Number of interim revisions to Halprin & Associates’ Park Central Square from 1971 to 2010: 1
  • Number of pipes supplying heads and jets in the original fountain: 7
  • Number that have been replaced due to water loss from leaks: 6
  • Number of legal ramps for wheelchairs prior to renovation: 0     After renovation: 4
  • Number of barriers in the sidewalk around the inner portion of Park Central Square prior to renovation: 8     After renovation: 0
  • Cubic yards of structural soil imported into square during renovation: 50     In truckloads: 38.5
  • Cubic yards of rock imported for stormwater drainage: 2,250     In miles: 3
  • Number of new brick pavers, each placed by hand: 72,000
  • Number of trees in the area of Halprin and Associates’ Park Central Square prior to renovation: 36
  • Number of trees removed as part of the renovation, due to disease or nonconformence with Halprin design: 23
  • Estimated number of years before the remaining ash trees specified by Halprin and Associates will be dieseased by borers: 2
  • Number of tees in Halprin and Associates’ Park Central Square after renovation: 71
  • Days early that the square will be open, compared to time allowed in the construction contract: 20
  • Number of public square designed by Halprin and Associates listed on the National Register of Historic Places: 2